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A 3D simulator for mining game, mostly a demonstrator for some algorithms :
  • Infinite fractal / perlin noise generation
  • Adaptative LOD (level of detail), realtime mesh tessellation
  • Constructive solid geometry
  • Source code available .
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    Before any Google Earth existed, Irrland was a try to use the SRTM and other DEM (Digital Elevation model) and create textures and lighting in realtime to render the earth.

    Source code available


    Coded with Rixed. Constructive Solid Geometry realtime game. There's a homepage for the whole thing, as we had the 2nd place for the game coding compo held in Paris.

    Uses hardware acceleration / stencil buffer for the geometry computing.
    Source code available

    Dynon avionics exporter

    A Python data converter to export KMZ Google Earth tracks off my flights on Light Aircraft equipped with Dynon Avionics.

  • Data transfer, filtering, representation
  • Splits the black box data chunks into individual flights
  • KML export
  • Source code available.

    DAOC Player

    A robot to play a MMORPGs. As I've no time playing games, I've made a bot to replace me. Instead of using classical network sniffing, I'm emulating driver-level keypresses and mouse clicks, and parsing screenshots. Worked so well they've found the robot playing round the clock, and got me banned >:)

  • Rule-based AI
  • Driver level events
  • System hooks
  • Basic Image processing