Tennesse to Chicago and back

Flo came for a few days on the Rock & Blues road. Well, we did skip the New Orleans thing for now. Shame on us. But it was enough to handle just with Nashville, Memphis. Then the unknown.
When you don’t know, ask the Coin. Heads or tails. New York? Coin said no. Chicago? Coin said yes. So be it. Forget about the handle, go with the Flo.
I took that old beaten-up camera on this half-road trip, half-bucket-list music-pilgrimage. Here are some of the showable shots on the road. Life, fun, brotherhood. Some headaches, some potholes. Wildly enjoyable.
No motorcycles involved this time, this should be fixed in a near-future – BTR 2020.

“A un moment donner, il faut savoir rentrer” — Dominique Lavault
Il faut savoir rentrer : at some point, you have to go back, but travel change who you are. Even when you’re always on the road.

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