Goin’ Fishin’

Long time no post : because we were in France late March and all April. We’ve been to nice places but I wanted to travel light and had no decent camera.
Back in La Veta in May, we explore a little more of this incredible, immense landscape that surrounds us. The furry locals are happy to see Lola (from afar), and they took care of the lawns. Thanks!

One of our many lawn-mower. They stay close enough to make such shot…

We had plenty of support to make this long trip possible and that is wonderful to have friends and neighbors who care and are ready to help.

Back in Colorado, Jess wanted to experiment fishing, resurrecting childhood experiences. After a test run on the local lake, we went a little further to test her catch-and-release fishing skills. Nothing but just a quiet, nice sunday in the local range.

At the end of the month we will start a camping trip to California. With camera and more…

Monument Lake
Local Fisherwoman
Is that why it’s called monument lake? Looks like ruins but it’s a plain natural rock formation.
nice colors at mid-day.
Lola scouts the shores.
North Lake. Quite a big one. Didn’t fishing there yet.
North Lake, other shore.
Riding some trails to Blue Lake. climbing to around 10’000ft (3200m)
The driver is cool.

Lola proudly dings her bear-warning bell. Moo.
Trinchera Peak, with little snow left.
Lower Blue Lake. Floated wood anyone?
Blue Lake. hiking while she’s goin’ fishin’
a catch! (not ours)
and catching lake weeds
Lola hardly containing herself when a fish got on Jessie’s line.
still fishin
getting fish or just some sun?
rather clear waters

I’m supposed to hike this monster West Spanish Peak (13’630 ft = 4155m) in early July
Same Mountain, from the North.
the dikes that radiates from the peaks.
Inspiring for drone racing pilots.
the stone is very thin, in some places it’s like lace.
The West Spanish Peak from La Veta. It’s quite prominent over the already elevated (7200ft) plateau.