Bodega Bay, CA

Slowly rolling around the Bay Area, we reached Merin county then pushed further north to Bodega Bay. Further north that I have ever been in California, and there’s still such a long way to go to Bering Straight! It’s on my bucket list, but for another day. Destination doesn’t matter they say, only the road. Northern California is wild and beautiful, windy and chill. Feels like Oleron Island in march, just thousand times bigger. It scales a feeling of the landscape.

One interesting experience is how gradually the influence of San Francisco fades. We’re many miles away and there is still a tangible connection, although few of the Bay Area folks ever set foot here. We’re alone in the wind blasts, the golden ray of sun in between squalls, straw color tones, sand and ocean growls. A distant buoy beeps and tides give rhythm to our days.

Rode the Pacific Coast Highway on a decent cruiser. Another bucket list item crossed. Road is as cute as rough.
ice plant covers the dune.

ice plant flower. Sometimes whites, yellow or bright violet.
Matching color tones.
Yay, I found where the windows XP wallpaper was shot!
Our gipsy camp.

Parked three feet of the water. Fells like living on a boat.

The big thing here in winter is “crabbing” : you just have to drop a trap with bait and you’ll get a few crabs for dinner. Next to our RV is the bay, but also a lovely couple of master crabbers who were kind enough to share their passion for crabs, and their dinner. Best crab ever, eaten while standing in the wind and rain – no complains.

We’re happy to be on the road, mostly happy and free. But we miss our friends, it’s time to go home and restore our connection to La Veta. Strangely, travels start to make sense when you reach home, as life makes sense when you get old. Why is that?