Pismo, CA

There, we reached California! This hasn’t been without thrills. As we left South Nevada to meet Thomas in L.A., our car broke down minutes after leaving Lake Mead. While we were scoring a 2.2 mpg average (over a liter of fuel per kilometer), as we were climbing the 6% grade hill, a fuel pump gave up. Freewheeling to the welcoming shoulder, I felt lucky for the place the piece of hardware picked to fail. We were later towed to a nearby spot in Boulder City, NV and spent good time with the Elk Members who rescued us. Thanks guys!!

New fuel pump, next stop : Anaheim, in the monstrous Los Angeles. I think one can measure the global level of happiness of people by looking at the way they drive. Italians drive like crazy, but they’re mostly happy, they’re just extroverts with a red car syndrome. LA is something else : too big, too stressed, too crowded. Nonetheless, the second fuel pump (high pressure, the expensive one) gave up on the ramp outbound of the highway. Right place to fail again. I’m still unsure it wasn’t just the same cause as the first time; but the result was just the same. It’s maddening how our life routine depends on an engine. Thomas and Laurent picked a Uber while I dealt with the towing. Getting used to it…

Hopefully we have motorcycles in the RV! We’ve just been lazy when we docked and left them inside. With no car to pull the toy hauler on leveled ground, I have to slide down the ramp at an angle far beyond what the tires can grip. The morning cold air turned the ramp in a slide area, so slippery that Jess couldn’t even walk it. So I slid down to earth, backwards, but heads up. We got the details fixed (ha? the garage where we were towed do not work on diesel engines?) and were good to go again. While the car was getting fixed, we did good rides in the mountains north of L.A. That was plenty of road-metal grinding fun.

Days later, we dropped Thomas at the airport as we driving north. We just rolled dice on the next destination. Jessica is attracted by San Francisco and so we headed north. Weather is fair and we look for meeting friends in the Bay Area.

On the way up, we decided to stay at Pismo Beach for a while. This is a lay back resort, far from the big cities, off season stop. The weather is sunny and temperature swing between high 50s and the low 80s. Ocean roars a hundred yards from the RV, giving an interesting stereo effect with the 101 traffic, whoever the loudest at the time of the day. Hopefully ocean wins as the sun goes down. Being minutes walking from the beach, we enjoy the classic ocean view, boring as a tourist photobook but refreshing after riding the desert for weeks.

Today the 3D printer failed as I was printing a key rack. Our generator has not been running in months because I can’t get this gas tank filled in. Oh, and Jess bike seat broke. Everyday comes with its challenges and maintenance. It’s expensive and disturbing, but with tenacity we’ll manage it all.

sea otters! cute ang agile as a cat.

Monarch butterflies gather in large groups here.
they migrate the coast in winter

learning how to ride a bike with a dog on leash, on the sand, close to the water, while texting.
Some beach areas are open to vehicles. It then looks like this.

the blood blue super moon of the decade. Nah, just the plain old good moon.
Flora is all exotic to me.
Hummingbirds are shy and hard to photoshoot.
That pole carries some history.

Then we’ll stay a few more days around and drive further north. We miss La Veta. But it is so far now.