Back to La Veta, III

Like the compass needle needs a pin to spin around, we anchor in La Veta to rest, let the images and emotions of the travels settle. We’re not true Nomads, just most-timers in an RV, happy to return home. The trip Phoenix – La Veta, on the small roads around the snow storms was spectacular. We didn’t even stop for the Painted Desert or so many great places, just no time, this time.

We tried to return through Worlf Creek Pass but the weather is too bad. We will return to New Mexico to cross the Rockies
sun setting south of Monument Valley
night, long exposure photo. The wind is so strong the clouds are blurred.
The snow came during during the night.
leaving the motel before sunrise. The road is iced.
Shiprock, in New Mexico

As we ditched the RV in Lake Pleasant we’ll drive back there next week (in early January 2018), probably using a different road. Yeah! More cool places to explore.