Lake Pleasant, Phoenix, AZ

With joy and sparkling foot pegs grinding the pavement, the Low Rider turned the Jerome Road into a sporty and beautiful ride. In the distance, the Sedona red rocks glow.

Moving further south, we reached the Phoenix aera and set camp at Lake Pleasant. Saguaro cacti dominate the desert landscape. The close lake gives a break from the arid monotony. The Sonoran desert’s fresh nights alternate with warm days.

Phoenix is a huge, spead city. When you manage to leave it, there’s not much but desert and ghost towns.

testing the Ram off-road. Better not get a flat tire here…

We reached Vulture Gold mine.

The mine is still active nearby, we skip the tourist guided tour and return to civilization.

although precarious, this is the most productive gold mine in Arizona’s history.

A large bonfire at the campsite is an opportunity to meet our travel camp neighbors
In the Phoenix Botanical garden

And Christmas celebrations are coming. It’s hard to grasp the idea it’s late December there. Hopefully, a dude put some seasonal decorations on a cactus. At 2000 feet elevation, so far south, the snow almost never comes (1933, then a few flakes in 1998). Now it’s time to return to Indiana for celebrations and then La Veta for New Year.

May 2018 be full of travels and discoveries. The world is vast, the life is short. So you better Take your Ass To the Max! Happy new year!