Sedona, Jerome, AZ

We’re staying in Camp Verde, a very nice little city in between Flagstaff and Phoenix in Arizona. The temperatures are nicer to us and the landscape has many surprises for me. Besides visiting a few breweries and local curiosities (Montezuma Castle being one of them), Jess introduced me to Sedona, the voted most beautiful place in the US. Even If i’m not kin of that kind of popularity competition, I understand why this happened. Hopefully we’re in the low season, it’s only crowded. I can’t imagine how it gets during vacation time… Any how, we started cruising Oak Canyon…

The area is surprisingly lush compared to the picture I had from Arizona.

The airport makes a good vantage point over the valley. The rocks are a gradient from red limestone to yellowish-white limestone. The very slow erosion left all that still standing.
Time for a hike at Bell Rock

We met and spent the evening with a 76 y.o but young, creative, lovely local artist : Jackson. Thank you for all! We slept the night in Sedona, the views of the city surrounded by the rocks is dazzling. It’s also a nice resort, prized by tourists and outdoor lovers.

Then we turned to Jerome, on the way back to our camp. This is a ghost town, revived by artists and hippies, who turned into a tourist lookout on the valley. The spirit room – supposed to be haunted – is open since 1898 (the last time it burned). The history of the wild west is never far, there.

We’re back to our camper and I’m plotting to return to Sedona with the Low Rider to enjoy the roads on two wheels. The winter is behind us, there’s no reason to chill.