Gallup, NM

We’re running southwest. First time in my life I’m migrating on the weather pace : a large cold front is coming over the central USA, with temperatures well under freezing. We still haven’t figured how the propane furnace is working. The good side of that is that we used only one gas bottle since we’ve bought the RV. Bad side, when deep freezing outside, the temperature in the camper dropped at 55°F, that’s 13°C. Lola gets on the bed and keeps us warm. So we’re migrating like the snowbirds : this name affectionately depicts the white hair retired full timers who move south in the winter and north in the summer, thus saving on heating /air conditioning or shivering/sweating. It can be really cold in Albuquerque as the elevation compensates for the low latitude.

So on the way to Arizona, we stopped in Gallup, a cute little town surrounded by interesting rock formations. It happens that on this week end, a hot air balloon rally is happening. We missed the Albuquerque one, so we’ll have a downsized version, but in a more scenic environment. The Friday evening, they gathered on the take-off area and fired the burners, as some parties here and there.

The next day, we got up early and walked to the top of a small rocky hill to have a lookout on the take off site and the beautiful rock formations around.

Lola!!! Church rock in the background.


Then we continued to Camp Verde, Arizona…


    1. I love the idea!
      at sea level, 15°C and 1013 hPa, air heated to 120°C, 1 m³ lifts 0.32 Kg. To lift the 14000 Kg of the loaded trailer, the balloon has to be 42756 m³, that’s roughly 42m in diameter. Not that impossible… largest existing is 650Kg.

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