Back to La Veta, CO

We’re back in La Veta for two weeks : servicing the car and other personal stuff.

Today, we started with the good intention to join the local hikers group, supposed to gather every Saturday morning at the park. But noone showed up – it must be off season, even for locals. Lola enjoyed running through the park while we enjoyed the coffee from the newly re-opened *excellent* bakery! My french standards for bread are extreme, Ryus Bakery approved!

Time for hiking, just three of us. It’s difficult to know where you can hike around La Veta. There are some published trails in Cuchara, the resort further on South the “Highway of Legends”. But in La Veta, except the loop around the reservoir, all is secrets and word of a mouth. So we had the word that after Little Kansas, the path goes on for another half a mile.
Half a mile? I’m curious, I’ve a GPS, let’s find out.
We walked over 2 miles in an enchanted forest and the path was still going. We turned back, not prepared for a longer hike and unsure the bears were hibernating. Lola did catch a couple of smells from local animals.  Our bear horns are in the camper, of course.

Back in Little Kansas : I’ve been to the state of Kansas, besides bordeline humor, comparing this to KS : I don’t get it. But anyway the place is easy to find, and the drive along the 60ft stone walls (called “dikes”), facing the spanish peaks, is jawdrop-beautiful.
In La Veta, beauty and hidden treasures are all around.
Little Kansas is an ancient resort of magnificent wooden cabins, spread among the trees, at the end of the road. Recluse in paradize. Deserted for winter.

Time to go home… oh, let’s take the long way… Bah, it’s just farms and dirt roads…

The wall (one of them, there are dozens)

The top of the wall.

Silver moutain, beyond the wall. Some snowboarding project for later this winter?

Spanish eastern peak.

Right about the dirt road…

Re-entering La Veta Vallery

Obviously we love the time spent here. Next step will be to return to Albuquerque where the RV is stored and then head west.