Wichita “Moutains”, OK

Back from Dallas, TX, we stopped in Oklahoma. Wichita Park is a State Park in the South West of the state of Oklahoma, in the tiny Wichita Mountain Range. It is a nature reserve intended for the preservation among other species of Buffalo, Longhorn, and other wild turkeys. The Longhorn has been a specie on the verge of extinction; but some farmers have helped preserve the animal, initially by nostalgia. In Meers, at the gateway to the park, the local restaurant serves Longhorn burgers since 1901, and so helping the farmers in sustain an economical activity around it.

A few miles away, a beautiful road leads to Mount Scott (751m, that’s a peak in Oklahoma), which offers a full view over lakes, plains and mountains all around. The large red sandstone rocks are sometimes colonized by bright green lichen, creating beautiful colored contrast on the deep blue autumn sky.
At Medicine Park, the stone buildings are adorned with sandstone pebbles, featuring a typical mineral aspect, facing wooden buildings of the period style. One of the quirks of the corner is a mini replica of Jerusalem where regular biblical theater plays regularly; in a spirit of “religious education”.

We rode the local roads on the motorcycle pulled out of the toy hauler and we were able to explore freely the surroundings, leaving the huge trailer in the state park campground. The things start to work as intended, even if we’re struggling with logistics and maintenance.

another lake, further west
Inside the Meers Restaurant, est. 1901.
Turtle sunbathing

a dive in green
hills over the grassland
shallow waters
wild buffalo!
Quanah Parker Lake
Quanah Parker Lake