Wibby Brewing

We visit local producers from time to time. Read “breweries”. The mad dash of the past weeks has left little time for visits. Indeed, after Indiana, we hurried to catch the plane from Denver to France. We left Lola and the monstro-trailer in Colorado for two weeks. Upon our return, we have Texas in the crosshair.
Moving too much, not doing much? Yes I know. But now we have a few hours free.

In Colorado, Longmont is somewhat overshadowed by Boulder: the iconic city of Front-Range, hype in sports and nature; in a university atmosphere, healthy mind and body, all organic and ecological.
Boulder estate price is ridiculous, and the normal inhabitants of Colorado fled in the surrounding towns. Longmont is one of these average cities, all spread out, no downtown
nor iconic feature. But a fine collection of brewers have settled there. Lefthand Brewery etched the name of Longmont at the Pinnacle of Beer.

So in 2015, in the shadow of Lefthand, two young people without too many complexes (Ryan Wibby and Ted Risk) decided to found a brewery. In just two years they’ve acheive a lot.
The tasting room is packed in the early afternoon. Ok, The Broncos, are playing today.
Behind the bay windows of the taproom, you can admire the shiny barrels. The visit is very instructive. Ryan, the master brewer, made his classes in Germany, which of course made the “lagger” style
of the brewery. However, it is a lagger with body and taste! The few products we tested are a treat.
Volksbier Vienna (ABV 5.5%, IBU 25): made with german hops and malt, it’s a smooth, malty medium-bodied lager.
Wibby IPL (ABV 7%, IBU 76): an IPA-style Lagger! a five hops red laggerwith a smooth malt finish and pungent, citrusy hop aroma. Score 93 at beer advocate, not bad at all!
Oktoberfest style, no stats but a good pint!

Do not expect to find it outside northern Colorado, they build their customer base and distribution network. It’s a challenge to succeed in producing with consistent quality
and stable taste. They plan to sell in Denver only by next year, if they get to satisfy the local market. And local demand is strong, given the quality of the products.

Longmont is a few miles off the bottom of the Rockies

The tap room is a happy, busy layback place, as Colorado is.There is a lot of art and graphic creativity around the brewing co. the tanks are looking into the taproom. Or the other way around. Fermenting tanks are named by positive emotions or qualities. Nicer than numbers, huh?

German inspiration is everywhere.

Tasting off the fermenting tanks! Wibby makes a long, slow, cold fermenting that gives beer a unique touch.

They sell cans, kegs, growlers. And tee-shirts!

Beer is unfiltered, just decanting.

This contraption tests for the amount of gas in the beer.

They have no cats in the brewery but the need to pull hoses into the cold room without leaving doors opened.

Carbonating. Units in … deca-gallons?

That’s were the kegs are filled! I often saw where it’s getting emptied, now I feel complete. 😉

And for the cans!

Quite a choice for new patrons

Food trucks are delivering local treats to pair the beer! Whats better than a combo VW to compliment a german-style american lagger?

Of course, we enjoy beer with moderation and go home on bicycles!

German inspiration…

Longmont autumn sky