Dommed to fix

When on the road, things break. You’ve to fix ’em. Not just because you don’t want to buy a new one ; but there is just no new one available, or not in a possible range or cost. Often, you’re the best qualified person to fix something. What you know is useless, YouTube is your new best friend.

On a car, in a house, in a RV ; there are lots to fix. A door handle, a locker, a drawer, blinds. Rust. Wear. Break. Everyday.

But there is also your stuff. The other day, the 3D printer – yes, we’ve a 3D printer in the garage part of the RV – just flew off the workbench on a bad pothole and landed bad on the floor. Broken connector, and to find out later, ripped cable.

Few days later, as I slightly hurt a hand, my fingers were still a bit clumsy and I dropped my camera. It’s a old crappy Nikon cam, but it’s the best I’ve now. It had a fragile part around the battery locker, and that was the weak part that broke and flew in pieces in the dirt, at dusk, in the grass.

So it was time to : first, fix the printer – you think you’re dealing with one problem but it’s actually three.

then to model the broken part on the camera, print it, glue it in place and boom ! Back in service !

I also printed a few replacement parts on the RV, that’s a breeze to be able to replace quite everythone. Even printed a funnel to refill small bottle from jugs. So, if some people think 3D printers are useless gadgets, they’re all wrong because for people that actually have a life, it’s a lifesaver !

in place, waiting for caulking… Yes I need a belt tensioner for the Y-axis. Working on a wishlist…