On the way to the road (of the eclipse)

It’s official: I’m free from my old job; I can be a few days on the road without constraints. I would have liked to choose the timing but life likes to reduce our plans with a delicious irony.

To celebrate this transition, this step in the void, we thought that going to see the total eclipse in the North was a good idea. And it’s on the way to see Jessica’s family. So we pulled out the trailer and put everything on board, including the 3D printer, because we have a few minor repairs to make – it will be the topic of a post in its own.

The first leg led us to the vicinity of Longmont, north of Denver, at the Fairgounds. The second leg brought us directly in southern Nebraska to North Platte, on the shores of Lake Minatar.

We didn’t know what to expect : packed and jammed or Neabraska as usual. Arriving on Thursday; It was pretty quiet. The RV and tent spots around the lake are getting loaded as the days go by, but there are still free pitches left. The area is super nice, fairly clean, with some beaches and birds of all kinds. We visited by bike, with Lola happily trotting aside.

We met a couple of La Veta, which is still a big chance given the distance and the size of the village, and the fair awesomeness of Lavitians. Then another couple will meet us to the Lake directly from La Veta. It’s going to be a long Sunday driving for them! The barbecue is ready.

To remain a few days “without doing anything” is finally these relaxing holidays too long delayed or always filled by displacements to the frantic rhythm. Finally, it is here and now, this way of life, this expected change finally arrives. There are still a thousand things left to do, but at least it will be at our pace. I could not imagine if living between a tiny house and a caravan would meet my expectations, it’s even better than I imagined: traveling free, following events, seasons, not spending a fortune on rent or credit; this is exactly what I wanted and it is even better to live it than I imagined.

After the eclipse, I will start a new job. This will be the return to a more normal reality. A fresh new sun after a short eclipse.



  1. Hey Jess & Dom, nice read those good news.

    For a first batch of pictures, whooou ! We can easily understand your new way of life.

    Keep us informed and make us dream ;).

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